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Clean and Organize Your Entire Apartment in 4 Easy Steps

Don’t let clutter overwhelm you! Take the last couple weeks of February to finally find some organization in your life.

The month of February can be odd. It’s awkwardly in the middle of winter and spring, with some of the worst parts of both seasons. It’s still cold, but not always cold enough to freeze meaning the gor...
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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Get Healthy

Not seeing the results you were hoping for yet? Don’t give up! Try one of these 5 easy changes to stay motivated.

Mid-January typically brings the first hurdle in fitness goals set as New Year’s resolutions. You’re a few weeks past the excitement of the holidays and back into the normal routine of work. Maybe you...
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4 Simple Ways to Save Money

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to spend less this year? Try out these easy tips to stick to a budget in the new year.

New Year’s Resolutions can be tricky. The start of a new year is a great time to make changes and start taking steps to better your life. Resolutions are as varied as the people who make them, from re...
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5 Winter Activities in DuPage County

No need to drive all the way to Chicago for fun winter events! Check out these activities right next door.

DuPage County may be too far west to get the brunt of the Lake Effect coming off of Lake Michigan, but winters can still be long and brutal. But winter can also be beautiful with the blanket of white ...
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7 Ways to Winterize Your Apartment

Fight against the harsh Chicagoland winter with these 7 tips to winterizing as a renter.

Back in August we gave you ideas on how to be more energy efficient around your apartment. If you followed any of those tips, find us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know! Regardless of if you put...
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“Set and Forget” Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Dust off your slow cooker, these easy to assemble sides require low effort but deliver high flavor.

Maybe you dropped the ball on Halloween and needed a last-minute costume? Don’t let the same last-minute panic set in while you host Thanksgiving in your apartment near Naperville. These slow-cooker s...
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Need a Quick Costume for Halloween? Here are some Ideas!

Here are some easy costume ideas to throw together at the last minute

It seems that once you enter adulthood, the pomp and flair surrounding Halloween decreases dramatically. Costumes are more low-key, trick-or-treating isn’t a thing anymore and even the Halloween movie...
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Fun Things to Do Near DuPage County in the Fall!

From fresh fruit to scary nights, fall has it all.

Whether you are watching a scary movie in your apartment or enjoying a cup of warm apple cider on your private patio, fall in the Midwest signals a change in pace for many. That doesn’t mean all outdo...
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Sep 30

Energy Efficiency Around the Apartment

There are simple fixes and changes you can make in each area of your apartment to save energy and monthly costs.

The past several years energy efficiency and sustainability have been growing in popularity, and for good reason. As carbon emissions continue to rise it’s good to do our part in reducing our own carb...
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Aug 21

Farmers Market Finds and Recipes

You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy fresh produce. Check out these possible farmers market finds and some recipes to go along with them.

Living in an urban or suburban environment, far away from “the country” doesn’t mean that you miss out on the best produce of spring and summer. The rise in popularity of farmers markets brings a grea...
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Aug 1